This site charts the chronology of BASE numbers.

BASE jumping is the sport of using a parachute to jump from fixed objects. "BASE" is an acronym that stands for the four categories of objects from which one can jump; Building, Antenna, Span (the word used for a bridge), and Earth (the word used for a cliff). The term was coined by Carl (BASE #4) and Jean Boenish (BASE #3), Phil Smith (BASE #1) and Phil Mayfield (BASE #2), regarded as the fore-fathers of modern BASE jumping, and in 1981 Carl began issuing sequential numbers for those who completed a jump from each of the four categories of objects, should they choose to apply.

I was awarded my BASE number in early 2003. It seemed to me that the popularity of BASE jumping was growing rapidly and I was curious to examine it. Through various public websites and discussion forums I was able to research approximately 5% of the issued BASE numbers and the dates they were achieved. The information is stored in a database and used to dynamically create the graph. Click it to see a larger version.

I'm now looking forward to new and existing holders of BASE numbers to provide their information to give a more detailed picture of their issue. Please use the 'Add Number' link in the menu above.

You will not be able to find out the correspondance between name and BASE number at this website!

That information is confidential!